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Planning For Tomorrow Using A Will

A will is one of the most common types of estate planning documents. It’s also one of the most important and can be used to provide for the distribution of personal and real property.

At the Estate Law Center, PLLC, estate planning attorney Katherine S. Breckenridge (formerly Katherine S. Charapich) helps individuals in the Piedmont area and throughout Northern Virginia draft wills and develop estate plans that address their unique concerns, needs and goals — both now and in the future.

Why Do I Need A Will?

Many people rely on a will as a primary means of transferring assets upon death. Even if you have other estate planning vehicles in place, such as a trust or property that is jointly owned with a right of survivorship, a comprehensive and up-to-date will can be an important safety net.

For example, a will can be used to account for assets inherited immediately prior to death or that may otherwise be forced to pass through the costly and lengthy probate process.

What To Include In A Will

While everyone’s circumstances and goals are different, some of the most common directives contained in wills include:

  • Guardianship designations for minor-aged children
  • Distribution of personal belongings
  • Distribution of assets
  • Designation of an executor to carry out a will’s directives

What Happens When Someone Dies Without A Will?

If you or a loved one dies without a will or trust in place, assets and belongings are distributed according to Virginia’s intestacy laws. In many cases, how the Commonwealth decides to distribute assets doesn’t align with your, or a loved one’s, wishes which can lead to family disputes, hard feelings and even lawsuits.

Take control of your future and protect your loved ones. To talk to an attorney about what to include in your will as well as what other types of estate planning documents you need, call the Estate Law Center, PLLC, at 540-827-4395 or contact us online.