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Of Spirit – A Flower Shop There

By: Attorney Katherine S. Breckenridge, Esq.

Published August 1, 2017

Elder Law

Dedicated to a dear client who loved his wife, and recently departed to prepare a place for her.

To put pen to paper to capture the scene.
To bring life alive of those slipping away.
To those who have not known such change.
The bride’s picture that’s dog-eared and weathered.
Fading along with each day in assistance.
The memory that flutters just on the edges, grasp it.
Catch it. Yes, I think it was mine.
You promised. I expected. Now we are here.
The days lapsed. Milestones reached.
What now is in store?
The call came. Late in the night. Early once morn.
Each echoes pain. Seeks answers. None there.
Communities thrive. Calendars are full. Meetings occur.
Festivities. Lights. Events beyond this.
What about this? This community that once was.
Paved the road. Sacrificed. Now is here.
Now is housed. Accused of asking a lot.
What? To be heard. To be remembered.
Or, even respected.
Have I not taught you a thing? Or, two? Movement now –
Appointment to appointment.
Paperwork to paperwork.
Medicine to medicine.
The network has thinned. The support is paid.
The house that was is now a room with a chair.

The chair is a memory thread. A link I hope is there.
A memory before the fall.
A building block.
Catch a glimpse –
Of the child.
Of the flowers in our business expression.
The city – the you and the me.
We transitioned and coped.
Event one was the worst.
Separation exacted from my lifelong love.
How are you doing – question posed to a temperance frayed.
The truth spoke humor.
“Just ready to get the hell out of here.”
Have I failed you –
No longer able to navigate the stair flight?
Visits last past daily PT or the community lunch.
But a visit it is.
I am here. Do you recognize me?

Your dance partner.
Your circle.
Your balance.
Caretaker, too.
The call came – first call out-of-the blue.

Balance is no longer two.
Will she know?
Perhaps in a communication changed.
Now documents will dominate.
He took care.
Though they are not warm –
Not even a whisper.
Perhaps soon, a beckoning will occur.
And, all will be as it should.
Bouquets in heaven – a flower shop there.